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BBY is an independent magazine

 by people identifying as female/queer,

focusing on illustration, photography,

new media art and writing




The Homestyling Issue

The second issue of BBY magazine is a unique piece of trend forecasting, carefully crafted by a team of specialists. This is, in fact, the essential guide to the perfect home and ultimately the perfect life. With this precious bby in your possession, you can now embark on a journey to become the next homestyling it-girl.


We have consulted illustrators, photographers, artists, stylists, writers and even sought help from a certified astrologer to make this issue. With joint forces, we handpicked the best of the best inspiration sources for your future homestyling plans. The result is an eclectic mix of stories, visual treats for every taste and some yummy food for thought.


Hopefully, this issue will inspire you to pick up that DIY project you left off last year, finally learn how to take proper care of your plants or perhaps even pack up your stuff and move house. But most importantly, we hope you will love this magazine enough to casually leave it on your coffee table as the perfect conversation piece that it is.


68 pages



100 SEK / ~$12 / ~£8.50


Agga Stage

Amna Germanotta Riaz

Anastasia Tsayder

Annabel Gat

Ayqa Khan

Beth Webb

Bridget Meyne

Carly Jean Andrews

Cornelia Blom

Cynthia Kittler

Ellen van Engelen

Emily Hoyle

Grace Danico

Hattie Stewart

Hobbes Ginsberg

Iman Stevenson

Karin Hagen

Kimberly Ihre

Laura Breiling

Laura Callaghan

Liv Siddall

Lynnie Zulu

Mai Nestor

Maya Fuhr

Mira Lundquist

Nadine Kolodziey

Nicole Ginelli

Nicole Walker

Rebecca Eskilsson

Rebecca Storm

Wasma Mansour



Editorial Staff


Sara Andreasson

Josefine Hardstedt








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